Why You Should be Supporting Veteran-Owned Businesses

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Any time that you’re looking for a service or a product, you want to make sure that the company you hire is going to do the job to the best of their abilities.

Unfortunately, that isn’t always guaranteed in this day in age. Many companies and services out there are more concerned with making a quick buck that genuinely cares about their customers and their needs.

When you hire a veteran-owned business, you’re getting the highest possible return on your investment.

See below for an in-depth guide on why you should be supporting more veteran-owned businesses and how you can go about doing that!

Why Support Veteran-Owned Businesses?

Most people out there want to support veteran-owned businesses whenever and wherever they can, but they don’t often take the time to seek it out. You could find a veteran-owned business in any industry, and it’s in your best interest to do so.

By performing just a bit of research, you can unlock many more benefits. See below for several reasons why you should support a veteran-owned small business.

1. The Patriotic Way

America is the land of opportunity. It’s poetic that someone would dedicate themselves to serving their country, then come back and take advantage of the opportunity and freedom that they protected with their time in the military.

Every American citizen owes them a great debt and is always looking for different ways that they can thank them. 

One of the best ways to do this is by seeking out and hiring veteran-owned businesses whenever and wherever possible. No matter what need you have, there’s a veteran that’s ready to help you out with it.

For example, say if you need to waterproof your basement, you can contact a veteran-owned basement waterproofing company to protect your house from any future flooding.

2. Customer-First Approach

If there are two things that every veteran has learned in their time serving, it’s perseverance and discipline. How does that translate to business? By giving them a high level of attention to detail and customer service.

As they’ve already proven by offering to protect the rights of American citizens through joining the military, veteran business owners are selfless. They’re always thinking about how they can help other people before themselves.

That’s not a trait you can find very often in the business world. Most companies are money-driven and sometimes sacrifice the efficiency of their customer service to make the most money possible.

By hiring a veteran-owned company, you’ll have more peace of mind, knowing that they are out for your best interests, not their own.

3. High Level of Respect

Veterans and current military personnel are exemplary residents of modern-day society. They’ve been trained to respect others by treating everyone as equals. They’ve served with men and women of different races and ethnicities for a common goal.

By hiring a veteran-owned business, you’ll be unlocking the benefit of complete respect for your residence or company. If their company isn’t able to accommodate you, they will refer you to someone in their network that can.

Some things go beyond the realm of business. When you hire a local business that’s owned by a veteran, you aren’t just working with a business owner. You’re working with a neighbor, a community member, and a humble hero of your country.

4. Experts of Their Craft

It isn’t often that a veteran comes back from serving and hops into a random industry before they know a great deal about it. Their training up to that point has taught them to learn all they can and be the best at what they do.

That competitive nature doesn’t just vanish after they’re done serving. They find something else to fuel the fire and give them purpose.

Some veterans choose to start a business in an industry they had experience before they started serving. Others learned the traits of their profession while serving (such as information technology).

Ways to Support Veteran-Owned Businesses

Now that you have seen why you should support a small business that’s owned and operated by a veteran, it’s time to see how you can go about doing that. These are some of the most common ways people choose to give back to them:

  • Hire Their Services- Any time that you need a service performed. It’s helpful to inquire about finding one that’s veteran-owned. The amount of veteran-owned businesses in your community might surprise you. Reach out to your local chamber of commerce to get a list.
  • Mentor Them- Even if the veteran is an expert at the industry they’re stepping into, there are always things they could use guidance with. Namely, how to run a business in general. Be sure to offer business mentorship and point them in the right direction. It’s an incredible way to thank them for their service!
  • Offer Your Services- Your professional expertise—no matter what you do for a living— can help veteran-owned businesses. If you’re a CPA, you could offer them bookkeeping services. If you’re an AC repair company, you can offer free check-ups every so often. Every little bit helps. Get your network involved!

Support the Veteran-Owned Businesses in Your Community

Now that you have seen several reasons why and how to support the veteran-owned businesses within your community, it’s time for you to find the right person for the job.

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