Reinforced Wall Liners/Wall Armor in Baltimore & Rockville, MD

A wall liner provides additional protection against water leakage or seepage through your walls above the Armored Basement System.  By installing a wall liner, we direct any of this water directly to the sub floor channels and out of your basement.  We highly recommend our wall liner if you plan to finish your basement in the future, this wall liner will create a separation between your wall, the insulation, the framing, and the drywall.  Without a wall liner you risk water coming through the wall and transferring through the insulation and carrying through your framing and drywall, eventually leading to mold, rotted lumbar.  We offer a reinforced wall liner in two options:

  • Our Heavy Duty Vinyl Basement Armor which comes in 4’ x 8’ panels
  • Our 8 mil Reinforced Dura Skrim Liner for future finishing

Before Heavy Duty Reinforced Wall Armor

After Wall Armor Installation

Before Reinforced Wall Armor

After Wall Armor Installation