How Waterproofing Your Basement Can Save You Tons of Money

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A thirst-quenching glass of water on a hot day or a refreshing dip in the swimming pool might make you think of water as anything but an enemy. In the wrong place and in the wrong circumstances, water is damaging, dangerous, and disastrous to your bank balance.

Weather damage, plumbing failures, washer hose failures, and flooding are in the top 5 home insurance claims

Waterproofing your basement can save you money in the long term and increase the value of your home. Read on to learn how.

Waterproofing Your Basement

Basement waterproofing covers a range of techniques for deflecting or removing water from your basement. Wetness or damp limits the uses you can make of your basement. This means potentially useful and valuable space in your home is going to waste. 

The purpose of basement waterproofing is to create a dry space in your basement. This can be used for storage or even living. The basement becomes a useful amenity for you and your family.

Over time there have been developments in the techniques used to waterproof a basement. Some use a gap in the cove area of the basement to allow water to flow down the walls. The water is collected in a channel.

A more modern system is to install a subfloor hydrostatic pressure relief system. This directs water to a sump pump which removes the water from your basement. A wall liner gives additional protection.

Reduce Your Home Insurance

Water damage can be a costly expense. Your insurance company is likely to consider the addition of basement waterproofing as a way of reducing the likelihood of a future claim. As a result, they may reduce your insurance premium if you fit it.

Check with your insurance company before having your basement waterproofed. The saving can help you offset the cost of the work. Don’t forget to notify them after you have had the waterproofing fitted so you can claim the reduction in insurance premiums.

Cut Repair Costs

If you don’t have insurance for basement flood damage you face a potentially big bill. If your insurance does cover some of your losses, it may not cover them all. The repairs can be expensive and so can the cost of replacing any property damaged by the flood.

Don’t underestimate the harm that water can cause. Flood water is sometimes contaminated with sewerage. Even clean water is very damaging to building materials, electricity supplies, and your other property.

Before any repairs can be carried out, your basement will need cleaning and drying out. This may involve employing a contractor, hiring or buying dehumidifiers, and it all costs money and time. Preventing water damage by waterproofing your basement saves all this cost and effort.

Lower Energy Costs

A dry home is easier and less expensive to heat. Heat loss through damp foundations costs you money. After installing basement waterproofing the foundations will be better insulated and cost less to heat.

The basement will also keep heat out in summer. This will reduce the cost of running air-conditioning. Not only will you have a dry basement but your energy bills will be lower too.

Better Health and Lower Medical Bills

Damp basements are perfect breeding grounds for molds. Molds need wet surfaces to grow and produce spores. The spores are the means by which molds multiply.

Molds produce substances that can cause you and your family problems with your health. These allergens and irritants cause respiratory and skin problems.

Common allergic reactions to mold spores include sneezing, red eyes, and a runny nose. Common skin problems such as rashes on the skin are also caused by living in proximity to mold. Mold can trigger asthma attacks in people who have asthma.

These health problems may need treatment. The medical implications are expensive. As well as consultation costs, treatments may include drugs, inhalers, and skin creams.

Medical solutions to basement moisture are really not advisable in the long term. The much better answer is to prevent the cause of the health problem. Remove the cause of the damp which supports the mold growth and the production of allergens and toxins.

The result is lower medical costs. More importantly, you remove the damaging health effects. Breathe better, feel better, and live healthier.

Increase Your Property Value

Along with all the savings you can make by installing basement waterproofing, you will be adding the extra benefits of a dry basement. That’s a space you can use for dry storage or add another room to your home. In the same way that you will have more home to use, so a prospective buyer gets more if they buy your home.

A wet basement looks like a problem for a prospective buyer. When they see a damp basement, they see extra expenses such as insurance, repair costs, and higher energy costs. They may also be concerned about the health implications of living in a home with mold.

A dry basement with waterproofing is a much more attractive proposition for a home buyer. Not only are potential costs lower but they have space for a dry store room, workshop or rec room. That’s a great addition to a home.

More amenities in a home mean greater value. Even a 10% increase in value between a home with a wet basement and one without is likely to far exceed the cost of installing the waterproofing in most cases.

It’s Not Just About Money

Waterproofing your basement is likely to save you money and improve the resale value of your home. But, it’s not just about the money. A waterproofed basement gives you extra usable space and peace of mind too.

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