Here’s the Average Cost of Basement Waterproofing Today

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Did you know that over 14.5 million homes are at risk of flooding across the nation? By 2050, experts predict that number will reach an astounding 16 million. 

Heavy rains and runoff pose a high risk if you live near a coastline or experience severe storm systems. The solution?

Waterproofing your basement can prevent house floods and keep your family safe. The average cost of basement waterproofing might make you wince, but the high costs of flood damage and repair will make it worth your while. 

Better yet – we have put together a complete guide on everything you need to know about basement waterproofing and how to find the best contractors for the job, so keep reading for more information!

Exterior Waterproofing

Exterior waterproofing is more well-known as foundation waterproofing since it acts as a sealant around your house. Typically, this type of waterproofing is ideal for homes situated on a high water table or prone to heavy floods. 

It blocks moisture and water from seeping into thick foundation materials but more effectively against heavy rains or runoff. The highest cost with exterior waterproofing is excavation, which makes this an ideal option if you are in the early stages of the construction process. 

Once your house is built, it drastically increases the cost and time it takes. Excavation costs can sometimes outweigh the total cost it would take to waterproof. How much of a dent in your wallet is this process going to take?

Types of Exterior Waterproofing

Expect anywhere from $10,000 to $40,000 with exterior waterproofing and limited warranties. It also depends on the material used for waterproofing. There are three main types that contractors use:

  • Cementitious
  • Membrane
  • Bentonite

Cementitious will cost the most and doesn’t entirely prevent heavy runoff, but it does a great job absorbing excess moisture. It is also durable and easy to apply, making it an excellent choice for standard waterproofing. If you want additional crawl space waterproofing or patching cracks, this is likely the option to go with. 

However, cementitious waterproofing comes with a few downsides, such as:

  • No flexibility
  • Used mainly in dry climates
  • Expensive

Some liquid membrane materials are costlier than cementitious, but it holds up better and is more efficient since it doesn’t have any seams. Typically, you want someone highly skilled in this department, so you don’t have thicker globs in some areas compared to others. Lastly, bentonite waterproofing isn’t very common since it is more of a bandaid solution and has the potential of clogging your drains. 

Damp Proofing vs Exterior Waterproofing

Damp proofing is often used in regions with high humidity levels but low rainfall. Ultimately, damp proofing helps keep soil moisture out of your home by using bituminous or acrylic-modified cement coatings. 

It does not seal large cracks and holes and is usually sprayed or applied by hand. For short-term waterproofing, it works decently well, but for better protection, you are better off skipping damp proofing and going straight towards waterproofing. 

If you were hoping that damp proofing would eliminate excavation costs, you might think again. Contractors still require that dirt and soil be uprooted near your foundation for adequate application. 

Interior Waterproofing

Interior waterproofing is cheaper, more effective, and highly durable. The average price for interior waterproofing is often thousands of dollars cheaper than exterior waterproofing since it avoids hefty excavations. As an added incentive, it can come with a lifetime warranty. 

There are a few different steps and techniques to successfully waterproofing a basement, including:

  • Clean your basement
  • Seal cracks and holes
  • Apply waterproof coating or sealant
  • Install pumping system

Waterproof masonry cement is the primary type of waterproof coating for your basement walls, but it won’t prevent heavy rain, runoffs, or floods in your area. For that, an effective pump system will be the difference maker between you and a basement filled with water. 

Sub Floor Pressure Relief System

Instead of sealants, Armored Basement skips right to the most effective method – sub floor pressure relief systems. After cleaning your basement, crews dig a channel around your basement and install a pumping system. These drains direct water to one or more sump pumps on the outside. 

Sump pumps can work during blackouts and usually come equipped with rechargeable batteries. Water-powered sump pumps work by connecting to a municipal water supply. Unfortunately, since not every home is close to one, it isn’t ideal for every home. 

The combination of a French drain system and a sump water pump means that floodwater is constantly redirected away from your home. Our team can also install reinforced wall liners, providing a barrier between the framing and drywall. Durable wall liners help prevent water from seeping through your drywall and creating a mold problem. 

Average Cost of Basement Waterproofing

While exterior waterproofing costs tens of thousands of dollars, interior waterproofing costs between $4,000 and $10,000. Some of the biggest cost-indicators are:

  • Labor
  • Foundation repairs
  • Excavation/cleaning
  • Additional wall liners
  • Materials
  • Accessibility
  • Location
  • Waterproofing method

Check out three different contractors in your area for a better idea of what your price range should be. The cost per square foot might be higher in big-name companies who heavily inflate prices, but if you choose the cheapest option, you could likely sacrifice quality and end up with bigger problems in the long run. 

Find a Waterproofing Contractor

The average cost of basement waterproofing might make you cringe. Still, it can save you thousands of dollars in the long term when you have to hire an emergency water removal service, uproot mold and rotted lumbar, and completely excavate your basement. Instead, hiring a qualified waterproofing contractor can ensure your basement handles the harshest storms and water runoff.

Armored Basement Waterproofing services prides itself on delivering high-quality materials and skilled labor to fix all of your basement waterproofing issues. Before choosing the cheapest contractor near you, contact us today for a free inspection!