No Charge Basement Waterproofing

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Most honest company I’ve encountered as a homeowner of an old home that needs some extra love and care.
Armored Basement Waterproofing sent Jay out to my house to look at the pre-existing crack that was previously repaired by the former home owner. With rain over the past couple years water had leaked through a 5 foot crack to the insulation and soaked the finished drywall to the point that when touched, a finger would sink into the drywall.

Jay used the drainage system already in place and “finished” the job the previous home-owner had not. He removed and sawed off the injection points left behind and pinned up a full sheet of plastic against the basement wall tying into the drainage system. He charged me zero dollars because he could tell by the pictures I’d sent that the fix would be really easy (for him as a foundation expert and not for me as a non-expert). He stopped by on his way home on a Saturday with his daughter and they did the job in about 30 minutes.
I will be using this company every single time I need waterproofing for basement issues.


Thanks for the kind words, SM.  We know that each job is different and not all require a full blow system.  Some simply require a few minutes of our time.  Welcome to the Armored Army!

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