Why Everyone Needs to Consider Hiring Basement Waterproofing Services

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It’s like a scene from a horror movie: you open the basement door, start to walk down the stairs, and that’s when you see it. You let out a scream as you realize… the whole basement has flooded!

A flooded basement can cause all sorts of problems, from foundation damage to the loss of irreplaceable items. So how do you prevent it from happening to you?

The answer is basement waterproofing. By waterproofing your basement, you can stop the horror show before it starts… but that’s not the only reason to waterproof, either.

There are many good reasons to look into basement waterproofing. Read on to find out more!

Protect Your Belongings

The most obvious benefit of basement waterproofing is that it protects your property. Many people use their basement for storage, but a leaky storage spot can ruin your precious belongings.

Documents are at an especially high risk of being ruined by water damage. If you’re storing old tax documents, photo albums, or other records in your basement, a flood could easily destroy it all.

Floods have also destroyed priceless collections of novels, comic books, and other rare items.

Paper isn’t the only thing that a flood endangers. An unexpected flood can also ruin electronics. Even items that aren’t rendered useless by the flood could be stained or otherwise damaged.

More than your belongings are at risk, too: floods can damage the very foundation of your home!

Basement waterproofing companies help you keep your property safe by turning your basement into a dry, protected area.

Basement waterproofing systems fight back against flooding by relieving water pressure and pumping water away from your basement. This protects your property, inside and out!

Basement Waterproofing Keeps You Safe

Your possessions aren’t the only thing you protect with basement waterproofing. You’re actually preserving your own health and safety, too! A waterproofed basement benefits your health in several ways.

Waterproofing basement walls has one of the most obvious benefits. Leaks in a basement wall can lead to wood rot, which damages the structure and integrity of your home.

Perhaps even worse, moisture from wall leaks or a cracked foundation can lead to a common but insidious problem: basement mold.

Mold poses a variety of health risks. Respiratory problems are a common result of mold exposure, but symptoms can be even more serious depending on the severity of the problem.

Prolonged exposure to mold (and its similar cousin, mildew) can cause long-term health risks and, in rare cases, even death.

Setting aside health problems, mold also gives your basement a musky, unpleasant smell. It doesn’t look nice, either!

A wall liner is one way to waterproof basement walls. Liners can stop mold problems before they start. They add an extra layer to your walls, keeping moisture from reaching your drywall or basement frame.

There’s no reason to risk your health when basement waterproofing can keep you safe!

Increase the Value of Your Home

Protecting your belongings is good. Protecting your health is even better. But did you know that basement waterproofing is a good investment, too? A waterproofed basement is much more valuable than an unfinished one.

It makes sense when you consider the added safety features that a waterproof basement provides.

As we’ve already seen, waterproof basement walls have a lot to offer a home. They prevent your basement’s frame from rotting, as well as stopping insulation damage and mold growth.

They also direct the flow of water away from your home’s foundation.

Water proof basement flooring also helps protect your foundation. It adds a layer of protection to the foundation that’s good for more than just water. It also helps the foundation hold up against extreme temperatures.

Beyond that, a fully waterproofed basement also makes for a great living space.

A waterproofed basement can be used as an extra bedroom or a den. Many people keep workout equipment in their basement, turning the area into a personal gym.

The possibilities that a waterproofed basement provides are endless. That potential translates to higher sale prices. In the long run, basement waterproofing might end up making you money!

Easy Clean-Up

There’s a reason that basements often show up in scary movies. Many basements are genuinely creepy: musty smells, bare concrete floors, and leaky, mildew-stained walls.

Of course, with a waterproof basement, you can address all of that.

Waterproofed basement walls and floors can be decorated without fear of a flood ruining your hard work. A lack of mold means no unpleasant odors. A waterproof basement is much more inviting!

It’s also easier to clean. Basement waterproofing systems prevent you from wasting time cleaning up floods.

They also save you from dealing with water damage. Water damage is difficult to fix, even in its simplest forms. It can cause a lot of damage to your walls and foundation.

Different types of water can cause different degrees of damage, too. A flood caused by a sewer backup requires a different cleanup than one caused by a simple storm.

Fixing water damage isn’t cheap, either, so it’s better to avoid it altogether. As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

Peace of Mind

There’s one more thing basement waterproofing can offer you: peace of mind. Not only does waterproofing protect you from costly repairs and damaged items, but it also protects you from worry!

Storms and sewage problems are stressful enough. Knowing that they might result in a flooded basement only makes them worse, so nip that problem in the bud!

Basement waterproofing services will handle the job for you, so there’s no added stress. You don’t need to know how to waterproof a basement yourself; you need to know the right business to call.

Waterproof Your Basement Today

A flooded basement can be a nightmare in more ways than one. Basement waterproofing means never having to deal with mold, water damage, or other unpleasantness. Plus, it makes your home more valuable!

With so many great reasons to waterproof, why wait? Contact us today and upgrade your basement with a top-of-the-line basement waterproofing system!