What to Expect When Waterproofing Your Basement

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Annual home maintenance and repairs costs often average between 1-4% of your home’s initial purchase price. 

If your home is relatively new, 1-2% will do, but if your house is over 25 years old, then you may need to set aside 4% of your budget for repairs. Your basement is among the critical parts of your home that may require constant maintenance due to the susceptibility to flooding. 

Waterproofing your basement is a process you can’t ignore. A basement that is not waterproofed exposes you to numerous risks. 

So now that you’re keen on waterproofing your basement, what should you expect as a homeowner? Here’s what to expect during the waterproofing process.

What Is Waterproofing Your Basement?

Basements are often susceptible to water seepage or penetration leading to water in the basement after rains. 

Flooding in the basement may lead to property destruction if immediate action to stop it is not taken. That’s why waterproofing your basement is an important step. 

The process of waterproofing the basement involves the use of various materials to prevent the penetration of water into the basement. If your basement is below the ground level, it may require unique expertise to correct the problem.

Now that you are ready to begin the process of waterproofing your basement, what exactly do you expect?  

Start With Finding the Right Waterproofing Contractor 

Having expectations during the waterproofing process is imperative, but with the wrong contractors, you’re bound to be disappointed. So before setting your expectations and looking forward to a job well done, your first assignment should be finding the right waterproofing contractor.

Once you have done your research and now have the prospective contractor to take up the job, you should proceed to sign the contract. 

With the right contractor and a signed agreement, it’s time to know what to expect during the waterproofing process. 

1. What Extent of Mess Is Expected?

Waterproofing your basement, just like all other construction projects, can be messy. You can’t avoid the risk of dust particles or grit around the construction area even when working with top professionals. 

You should expect some dust in the house for a while when undertaking basement wall repair. This is especially if it’s the interior basement that’s being waterproofed.

If you’re working with professional service providers, you don’t need to worry about dust. Your belongings can be well-covered to ensure that none is susceptible to damage. 

Covering all your properties is an essential step by the contractor towards ensuring that they do not suffer liability. Your service provider should be able to avail plastic coverings capable of shielding your belongings.

Most of the property stored in the basement is often of high value. As such, you also expect that such belongings will be safe from potential scratches and breakage. 

2. Will the Waterproofing Process Touch My Yard?

Well, this depends on whether the waterproofing work covers the exterior of your home. If it does, then technicians may need to dig along the foundation wall that cuts across the yard.

This means that the landscaping along the lawns will be affected at least along the area adjustment to the tunnel

Your service provider will inform you beforehand of the potential damage around the yard. 

Once the prospective basement waterproofing company assesses the situation around your basement, they’ll be able to advise on the process and the risks involved.

3. What Level of Noise Should You Expect?

There are no two ways of breaking basement concrete. This mission is impossible without causing intense noise. 

You may need to be ready psychologically for the levels of noise that equipment such as jackhammers make in the course of drilling the tunnels. The noises are intermittent and will depend on how long the outside pit is expected to be.

You may need to consider having your family away for a while during the entire process. This consideration is especially important if you have young ones. 

Noise can be a significant irritant in a family setting. You may consider using the waterproofing period as a chance to take your family away, albeit temporary.  

4. How Long Does the Process Take?

Well, this depends on various factors. The size of the basement is likely the main factor. If your basement’s surface area is large, you can expect that the process may take longer than usual. Further, you need to consider the method of waterproofing to be used.  

On average, your basement waterproofing process may take a day or less. For larger surface areas, a maximum of 3 days would be more practical. 

The efficiency and diligence of the service providers also matter. You may need to have prior consultation with the basement waterproofing company to gather the necessary information on how long the process should take.

5. What to Expect After the Project 

This is a critical concern for any homeowner. Now that the process is complete, you need to be sure that the basement is now safe from the potential risk of flooding. Your lead foreman during the process should be able to provide details of the project at this point. 

You should get the necessary paperwork to ensure that you understand the dynamics around the liabilities and the underlying risks after the completion of the project.

One of the most important after service considerations you need to have is a warranty. This allows you to have a claim in case the work is shoddy. 

You also need to work with a company that assures you of undertaking maintenance services without having to incur massive additional costs.

Waterproofing Your Basement Assures You of Your Belongings’ Safety

Water is among the most prevalent causes of property damage. Whether your region is susceptible to flooding or not, waterproofing your basement can be an essential proactive measure. You only need to work with the right service provider, and you’ll have a hazard-free basement.

Are you looking to undertake a basement waterproofing procedure soon? Contact us for the best services available.