What to Expect From a Basement Waterproofing Service

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Homeowners use up to $62, 834 on basement remodeling. Most of these remodeling costs are a result of damaging natural disasters. The risks may also be a result of exposures due to the nature of the topography on which such homes stand.

Your home’s basement is continuously exposed to risks, especially if you are in flood-prone areas. Many of your possessions in the basement may be exposed to risks due to water seepage. You need to consider waterproofing the entire area to ensure that your cellar is safe from instances of leaks.  

Is this is your first time getting your basement waterproofed? You should know what to expect. Here’s what to expect from a basement waterproofing service. 

1. Consider the Services of a Professional before  

Basement waterproofing is not a simple project, hence you need to consider the input of a professional during the entire process. While it is possible to opt for DIY, waterproofing your basement may require more than just having the necessary skills. You need to consider the advice of a professional to understand the cause of the problem before taking any steps to remedy the situation.

You also need expert advice on the best basement drain system that would suit your cellar needs. Talking to a professional gives you the confidence that whatever solution you implement will guarantee an end to the waterlogging nightmare.

2. Conduct a thorough Inspection of the Basement

If you consider DIY basement solutions, you may need to consider a comprehensive assessment of the basement before making any decision on how to undertake the process. The evaluation includes an assessment of the possible sections where water may be leaking through into the basement.

The decision to undertake a DIY basement solution also means that you must be keen enough to identify the source of the leaking water. Normally, it is better to consider the insights of a seasoned company that will offer you a free inspection and necessary advice on the entire process.

3. Assign a Budget for the Basement Waterproofing Service

You must expect to incur a considerable amount of money on the process of repairs. The budget may be high or low, depending on specific dynamics. For instance, if your house is built on an area that has a high water table, you may incur more costs in the process of waterproofing your basement. 

Assigning a budget to the entire process will reduce the extent of pressure you are likely to experience during basement waterproofing. Having a budget will also ensure that you do not suffer financial mishaps during the project. 

4. Preparing for the Initial Visit

When you call a company such as Armored Basement Waterproofing, the first thing you must expect is a basic evaluation of the basement. Your service provider will then provide a schedule of the steps to be followed in the waterproofing process. The first visit may also include an essential evaluation of the space and the level of expertise needed to ensure that the process is successful.

If you decide to work with Armored Basement Waterproofing, this initial visit and the inspection process is done for free. The service provider is also able to provide a cost estimate of the project, and the scope of the work required. This will allow you to have a clear financial and logistical view of the waterproofing processes. 

5. What to Expect During the Waterproofing Process 

Now that you understand the scope of the basement waterproofing needs and the cost implication, this is what to expect during the waterproofing process.  The first step is breaking out of the concrete around the edge of the basement. This is a critical first step towards ensuring that the interior basement drainage system is designed correctly.        

The breaking out of concrete also ensures that there is a shallow ditch surrounding the interior walls. The technicians should then dig a trench using hand techniques that will create a deeper crevice that can hold a corrugated pipe in place comfortably.  

6. The Crevice Should be Covered Properly

Once this corrugated pipe is fixed and properly installed into the crevice, the next step should be the covering of the area. If you opt for DIY basement solutions, you need to use loose gravel to cover the area. However, professionals prefer to cover the basement pipes with loose gravel as the first layer.

After, they then proceed to introduce a new layer of concrete to bring the area under repairs back to the same level as the rest of the basement. Working with professionals will also ensure that the area under renovation is smoothened up in a way that it will allow installation of your choice of flooring.  

7. Installing a Sump pump 

Basement drain systems require a sump pump to regulate the drainage of water. The pump may require the expertise of a seasoned waterproofing company to ensure that it is installed in the right way. The function of the sump pump is to ensure that it turns on automatically when the water levels rise to a certain level.

The pump then channels the water through the pipes installed as outlets. The new pipes direct the water out of the basement and safely into an external drainage system. Quality basement waterproofing services defend the wall of the cellar by designing a subfloor system that channels the water into a single tunnel. 

The tunnel then drains directly to the multiple sump pumps and out of your home.  

8. Installation of a Vinyl Wall-Cove Plate

You should then expect that the service provider designs and installs a vinyl –cover plate. The plate will ensure the separation of the floor, the basement walls, and the foundation joints. 

The approach is a genius technique to ensure that the excess water flows freely back to the ground without affecting the interior of the basement.             

With A Skillfully Installed Interior Drain System, Your Basement Is Ready For Any Weather

Having outsourced the basement waterproofing service from a reputable company, there is no longer a cause for alarm. You are less likely to experience instances of water seepage into the basement. You can now enjoy those perfect movie nights on the basement without a care in the world. 

For all your expert interventions on basement waterproofing, please contact us.