What Causes Basement Window Leaks?

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Did you know that over 60% of basements in existing homes have a moisture problem? Of that percentage of households, 30% of those basements will develop mold and fungus growth.

One of the most common causes of water coming into your basement is because of window leaks. Left untreated long enough, basement windows that leak can cause you to develop a problem with fungus growth, mold growth, and even a bug infestation.

While a window leak in your basement may seem like a minor inconvenience in your home, if not correctly taken care of, it can lead to the risk of dangerous black mold growing in your home.

Are you interested in learning more about the most common causes of basement window leaks? We’ve created a complete guide to help you better understand. Keep reading to learn more!

Clogged Gutters

If your basement windows are leaking, check your downspouts and gutters to make sure that they aren’t draining too close to your windows. You should also check to make sure that leaves and debris aren’t preventing your gutters from draining down your downspout. If your gutters are clogged, it can cause water to gush outside of the downspout, causing your basement windows to leak.

If your basement windows are leaking, check out the extensions for your downspout to make sure that they’re draining away from your home.

Your Basement Windows Aren’t Properly Caulked

Have you checked to make sure that your gutters aren’t clogged but still having problems with your windows leaking? Check to make sure that your basement window is properly caulked.

Caulk can rot and degrade over time. If it’s been a few years since you’ve caulked your basement windows, adding a bead of caulk around the basement window can help keep your basement dry.

Have a Window Well Installed

A window well is a piece of curved steel that you can insert against a quarter pipe to block out moisture that surrounds your basement windows. When properly installed, a window well will be located below grade level and will help you to drain any water that enters into the surrounding area.

If you already have a window well installed, consider adding gravel inside of the well. While a window well is great to redirect small amounts of moisture and water, if your basement window leaks after a heavy rain, it can clog. A clogged window well won’t effectively re-route water away from your basement windows.

Purchase a Window Well Cover

If you don’t properly take care of the maintenance for your window wells, they can quickly become clogged with snow, dirt, and leaves. You need to clean out your window wells every time you noticed that they’ve become clogged with debris.

You can purchase a window well cover to cut down on the amount of debris and water that’s entering into the window well area. Before deciding on a window well cover or going to purchase one for your window well, you should be sure to consult with a waterproofing professional to find the best window well cover for your unique situation.

Install New Windows

Has it been a while since your basement received a little TLC? If the windows in your basement are older, you may need to consider having them replaced.

If the leak in your basement has been happening for a while, it may be a sign that the frame around the windows in your basement are damaged or have rotted away. There is a chance that the frame around the windows in the basement may also need to be replaced.

Shifts in your foundation can also lead to damage occurring in the frame of your basement windows, which may be a reason why your windows have to have a new seal on them.

Consider Adjusting the Grade Around Your Windows

The grade located outside of your home plays a contributing factor in leaking basement windows. If the grade is sloping towards your home, it can even result in your basement flooding every time it rains.

Repairing the windows in your basement won’t stop moisture from getting into your basement if the grade surrounding your home is too high above the window area or if the grade happens to be sloped towards your home.

By having a professional company come into waterproof your basement, you can have the grade around your basement adjusted.

It’s likely an option that water is entering your basement from more than one area. By speaking with a licensed, professional waterproofing company, you’ll be able to interact with a professional that has experience and handling situations where water is entering your basement from multiple locations.

Understanding the Most Common Causes of Basement Window Leaks

A basement window is most often the culprit for water leaking into your basement. Different factors can cause a basement window to leak water. These include cracks around your window, rotting caulk, a poorly maintained window well, or a shift in the foundation of your home.

By understanding the most common causes for basement window leaks, you can take preventive measures to keep your basement dry. A dry basement doesn’t present any health complications that a mildewy and wet basement can present to your family.

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