Top 5 Reasons Why Waterproofing a Basement Is Worth the Investment

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One of the most common causes of a wet basement is clogged and misguided gutters

When the basement floods, your items are put at risk. Unfortunately, the insurance company may not be able to replace all of your belongings.  

If you want to avoid losing your items and spending a lot of money on repairs, you will need to be proactive by waterproofing your home. 

Continue reading to discover what waterproofing a basement will do and why it will be worth your investment! 

What Does Waterproofing a Basement Mean?

There are many ways that your basement can become wet. Fortunately, there is a solution. 

Waterproofing your basement is the best defense against unwanted moisture and mold. Professionals can help waterproof your basement and protect it. They use certain techniques and materials to get the job done.

The goal of waterproofing is to prevent water from coming into your basement. Common ways that this can be done are with sump pumps, drains, and sealants. Our team can help evaluate your home and determine your needs.

You should always protect your basement storage. However, waterproofing can help save you time, money, and energy. 

If you want to prevent water and frost from coming into your home, you should get exterior waterproofing. This will also help stop your foundation from eroding. Interior waterproofing is best for managing water flow and repairing cracks. 

Below are 5 of the most common reasons why people end up waterproofing a basement. 

1. No More Flooding Nightmares

More than 13 million people in the United States were affected by flooding in 2019. 

Flooding typically happens more in certain areas that are exposed to or near large bodies of water. Unfortunately, even if you don’t live near water you can still be impacted. 

One of the reasons why you need to waterproof your basement is to prevent floods from damaging your home and belongings. During extreme weather conditions, it is not uncommon for homes to experience flooding. Occurrences are especially high in the springtime and autumn. 

Another reason why you should waterproof the basement to avoid flooding is that it can help prevent mold growth. Basements should have cool and dry conditions. If you notice this isn’t the case, you may want to prepare yourself for flooding. 

2. Prevent Foundation Damage 

Instead of spending thousands of dollars in repairs on your home foundation, you can get your basement waterproofed!

Over time, water and soil can eat the way through the basement foundation. Pressures in the ground can also cause damage to your basement. Typically when this happens, you will see cracks in the walls and areas where water has gotten through.

When your basement isn’t waterproofed, it is unprotected and can cause major damage that affects the entire house. Putting money towards waterproofing is a small investment. It’s also a better option than waiting until the walls have collapsed. 

Getting foundation damage fixed can even save on your heating bills. With all of the cracks in the walls, cold air will be able to make its way in. 

3. Get Rid of Mold and Mildew 

Mold and mildew are always uninvited guests within a home. 

Waterproofing your basement is worth the investment because you won’t have to be concerned about mold growth. If this has been an issue in your home, you may see improvement in your breathing after the job is done. Mold and mildew can lead to many health issues if left untreated. 

Getting your basement sealed can keep out the moisture out and help keep your family safe. When moisture can’t make its way into your home, mold, and mildew will be unable to grow and return. 

4. Lower Energy Bills

Have your energy and heating bills been higher than normal?

One of the biggest causes of overspending on energy is cracks in the basement foundation. When the foundation is damaged, water and cooler air can leak inside. 

If this happens, you may notice that the thermostat has to be set for higher than normal. You may also notice that an unprotected basement will bring more heat and humidity. These conditions can make it difficult to cool down and control. 

Waterproofing your basement can ensure that your money is going towards functioning utilities. Although some people think that the investment is large for waterproofing, you will quickly be able to make back your money. 

5. Raise the Value of Your Home

An excellent reason to get your basement waterproofed is that it will make your home worth more!

When it comes to selling a home, untreated basements don’t help you make more money. Having a waterproof basement can help increase the value of your home by 25% or more! 

If a home has recurring water problems and flooding, it also won’t sell very easily. Potential buyers may be turned away by history. Fixing these issues from the basement can give them peace of mind, and you can make a deal. 

When you put any money towards the house and repairs, it reflects in your overall home value. This small investment can pay for itself when you go to sell your house. 

Protect Your Home From the Bottom to the Top 

Many people recommend waterproofing a basement after moving in. 

Waterproofing will not only help keep your belongings dry, but it can also prevent mold and foundation cracks.  

There are several ways to waterproof your basement and keep water out. By getting professional help, you can take proactive measures to maintain your home’s condition. 

Be sure to contact our team for all of your basement waterproofing needs. You can even call for a free inspection!