How to Prevent Flooding: Stairwell Drains

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We have all seen those homes where someone has revamped their basement and made it into a cozy little movie den or some other kind of entertainment area for family and friends. This is a great idea but the one thing you don’t want to deal with is a basement full of water damage. If you have a basement in your home you need to know how to prevent flooding. 

A stairwell drain is a way to eliminate the pooling of water. In other words, it will help waterproof your basement. A good stairwell drain will ensure your basement stays dry, which means you worry less and relax more!

How to Prevent Flooding

When it comes to knowing how to prevent basement flooding, making sure you have a stairwell drain is a good idea. The last thing you want to do is wait around a long time until the problem gets worse. This will only be harder to fix and more expensive.

A stairwell drain will be able to take a lot of water on and then send it either to a sump pump or a waterproofing system. This is how stairwell drains prevent flooding. It can even be connected to your current drainage system or we can place a sump pump liner into your stairwell. 

Basement flooding can be a nightmare. It is important to remember it does not always take heavy rain to produce water in your basement. Without a proper draining system, it could happen to anyone. 

If you want to make your basement more secure, basement waterproofing is a must. Don’t wait until it becomes a big problem. Even light rain can enter your home, causing water to leak into your basement. 

There is a phrase about how an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This is true with waterproofing your basement. When it comes to ways to prevent flooding, a stairwell drain will always be a good choice. 

When It Floods

When it rains it does pour! If you have thought about how to prevent flooding in your basement you should consider getting it done sooner rather than later. The cost of not waterproofing your basement could run into thousands of dollars.

The dollar signs don’t stop there. A flooded basement can produce a domino effect of problems for your home, some of which could be rotted sheetrock and weakened support beams. This is something that will need to be taken care of fast. 

The cost of a flooded basement will vary depending on what has been damaged so the average above could be a lot more. The key is to keep your basement dry and know how to prevent flooding before it happens. 

In addition to a professional service that will need to dry your basement, there could be other costs involved for any structural damage. If you have a shower or toilet you will likely have to pay for plumbing issues and these add up as well. 

What About Insurance?

Don’t make the mistake of thinking you can put off waterproofing your basement because you have home insurance. It may surprise you to know that insurance does not cover basement flooding caused by rain. It will cover things like busted pipes.

For most insurance policies, flooding is considered extra and you will pay more for that type of coverage if your company offers it, to begin with. Some insurance companies won’t. It may depend on where your home is zoned and if the area has been flooded in the past. 

It can get complicated so the best practice is to find ways to prevent flooding that you can be done without involving your insurance company. This will reduce a lot of hassle in the long run.

Having to pay for the costs of repair from basement flooding is enough of a reason to avoid it. A stairwell drain can save you a lot of time and money. 

Think of Your Health

Knowing how stairwell drains prevent flooding is important for your health, too. It is not only about financial damage or even structural damage to your home. It is about the health of your family.

A wet environment is a breeding ground for mold. A flooded basement is a great place for mold to flourish. We all know mold is dangerous but over time it becomes more severe. 

Mold can cause all kinds of health problems, including respiratory issues and in more serious cases, brain damage. A stairwell drain could prevent this problem from ever happening. If you know anyone who suffers from asthma you know how serious it can be.

A stairwell drain that carries water away from your house will stop these concerns right away. You can reduce the anxiety of mold toxicity from a wet basement by preventing it. These health conditions should be taken into consideration because nothing is more important than the wellness of your family. 

Prevention Is the Key

When it comes to knowing how to prevent flooding, working ahead is the key. You want to stop it before it ever happens. 

Preventing flooding will ensure your basement stays nice and dry. You won’t have to worry when the rain season comes around. You will know you have done everything you can to keep your basement in great shape. 

A stairwell drain will provide peace of mind for the future and the present. You won’t have to even think about your basement flooding and it causing severe health concerns or financial ruin. 

You need a professional service that can waterproof your basement. If you are afraid that one day you will find your basement covered in water, you want a company that knows what to do to fix the problem.

A flooded basement can happen to anyone but it does not have to happen to you. You need a company you can trust, with experience to back up what they do. Call today and let us show you how we can get the job done!