Basement Waterproofing Review

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One Morning Last summer I woke up to a flooded basement due to a very old drainage system in my walkout and through out the basement leading to my sump pump. My entire carpet was ruined and the entire basement from one end to another was soaked. I used Armored Basement WaterProofing to fix the problem. Not only did I get a great price but the work, and customer service was very courteous and proffessional. It was such an emergency on my end that they actually worked on Fathers day to assist my needs. They replaced all the drainage going from my walk out into my basement and replaced the sump pump. They also replaced the pipes going from the sump pump out to the street. Since the work has been done I have not had one drop of water anywhere near my basement. There has been plenty of chances for my basement to flood with the amount of rain we have gotten in my area since they fixed it. If you are looking for someone to do quality work in your basement and don’t want to over pay for it I highly recommend this company. I am in the Military and I pride myself on my honor. Going with these guys was a great decision and I am completely satisfied with the work and outcome of the project. If there is ever anything else I may need done in my basement in the future these guys will be the first ones I call.


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