8 Terrific Reasons to Remodel a Basement

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The longer you spend in a home, the stronger your opinion about your basement intensifies.

Too dramatic? It may sound like it, but let’s be honest — most homeowners neglect their basements’ condition. This neglect comes with many potential consequences, some more illness-prone than others

That’s why it’s become common to remodel a basement, as it allows homeowners to solve a problem and transform their property all in one swoop.

So if you’re interested in learning more, keep reading. We’ll let you know the eight benefits of remodeling your basement, and why they’re important enough for you to consider a remodel.

1. Improved Property Utility

Living in the same home for years can make you forget about certain parts of the house. It’s why big homes can easily get dusty and why storage closets gather cobwebs with no effort. No wonder it’s easy to neglect basements, which are commonly used as neglected storage spaces anyway.

But by remodeling your basement, you’ve created more use out of your home. So think about what kind of space is missing in your home. Whether you’re a remote worker or need a giant shoe closet, remodeling a basement is the way to go.

2. Increased Property Value

Of course, with improved property utility comes increased property value. While basements generally don’t sound too glamorous, renovating them is great for most homeowners. If you’re ever planning on selling your property, you can invest in a steep house sale by choosing your renovations wisely.

Prospective homebuyers touring your home will first see the property for how it’s used. If your basement is messy, dusty, and unwelcoming, that’s how homebuyers will first envision that space. But with a good basement remodel, they’ll be willing to spend more since they’ll see themselves using that space a lot more frequently.

3. More Space

Feeling cramped in your own home? By using key basement remodeling tips, you can open up your property without knocking through drywall and pipes.

While cleaning and clearing your basement, you’ll probably realize that there’s a lot of things you don’t need. In fact, a good chunk of your basement is probably chockful of items that you’ll never think of again.

Making your way through the dust will be obnoxious, but ultimately great for storage and material decongestion. Host a few garage sales, give some of your “backup” eyeshadow to a friend — don’t let your basement remind you of a forgetful past.

4. General Home Improvement

Though basements are usually a level lower than anything else, they’re not that easy to forget. Even without constant trips downstairs, it’s still a significant part of your home.

Walking past a room you’re not proud of can feel like a weight on your shoulders. Putting it off for so long can also cause frustrations to climb, considering that it’s such a big room to transform.

If walking into your basement isn’t a pleasant experience, it’s time to give your home a big aesthetic boost. Aesthetic pleasure is the least of the many benefits of a great basement remodel (though certainly not insignificant). But the possible resulting atmospheric change is impressive enough to make the effort worth it.

5. Lower Energy Bills

One of the most underrated reasons to remodel is energy efficiency. After all, remodeling a basement is a huge project. During this project, you’re bound to look into other ways to improve your basement.

First, you’ll most likely change out the bulbs for LED ones, especially if they haven’t swapped out for decades. You might also double-check the way everything’s wired, whether anything’s out-of-place or if any appliances don’t run too well.

All of these efforts are great for lowering energy consumption. Not only is low energy consumption great for the environment, but it’s also good for your wallet.

6. Pest Control

Similar to the last point, there are several things that must be taken care of during a basement remodel. For some people, this means evicting the rats and roaches from downstairs.

With a complete, thorough basement inspection, you’ll probably notice some signs of a local pest population. While a few cobwebs are par for the course, anything from scattering baby roaches and rat dropping could indicate something more serious.

If ignored, pest control problems can worsen, causing structural property damage and spreading disease. Needless to say, if you catch wind of any pests during your project, you probably won’t need much motivation to do something about it.

7. Rental Unit

Struggling for cash, but have enough money to invest in a renovation? Do you see the potential for using your basement as a rental unit? By incorporating the best basement remodel designs, you’re bound to find an excited tenant.

After reviewing your local property rental laws, understand what’s acceptable for a rental unit remodel. Ensure that your design ideas accommodate rental laws and are versatile for many types of tenants, and you’re sure to boost your income!

8. Air Quality

Two weeks of not dusting can make a lot of difference to cleanliness. But years of neglect can cause problems direr than a light layer of dust.

It’s also not just dust that causes air quality problems. Too much moisture, pest droppings, and lack of circulation can all compromise the health of anyone that ventures down into the basement.

But with a basement remodel, air quality control is a must. Once you finally get to this point, you can rest easy, knowing that your basement is infused with clean, breathable air. From waterproof flooring to dehumidified basement air quality, remodeling gives you a chance for critical modern upgrades — upgrades that will prove their worth for years to come.

Remodel a Basement for Your Health and Finances!

The basement is a vital but underrated part of the home. While many homeowners use basements to shove their unwanted belongings into, their basements could be turned into something much more useful, peaceful, and even profitable.

At Armored Basement, we understand it’s necessary to remodel a basement. That’s why we offer basement waterproofing services that ensure that your basement’s air quality is healthy and dry for many lifetimes. If you’re interested in the best basement remodel, contact us today — let us know how we can help you.